My Robot will Knock Out Yours!

According to Wikipedia, in the original Japanese Sumo wrestling a wrestler (called rikishi ) attempts to force another wrestler out of a circular ring (caller dohyō) or into touching the ground with anything other than the soles of his feet. Well, similar to the international Robotex Competition in [...]

Who will Exit the Maze First?

Inspired from Greek Mythology and Theseus who had to fight against the Μinotaur in order to exit the labyrinth (maze), this exciting competition will amaze participants and visitors of all ages.  Robots must find the exit of the maze as quickly as possible in order to win this competition Wat [...]

The Theme for ENGINO Mini & LEGO WeDO Competition

Τhe Scientific Committee decided the theme of the ENGINO Mini & LEGO WeDO competition to be "Robots at the service of Health". Students in the 1st - 3rd and 4th - 6th Grades of Primary Schools will use their imagination and creativity to construct an environment based on the theme and demostrate [...]

Exhibition of Robotics Constructions from People with Disabilities

Within the framework of ROBOTEX CYPRUS18  the Organizing Committee gives equal opportunities to people with disabilities to demonstrate their skills robotic constructions. Please note that this event has no relation to the ENGINO MINI and LEGO WeDO competitions already planned. You may see this a [...]



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