Teams 335
Robots 522
Players 1025
Coaches 95

The biggest Robotex Robotics Festival with more than a thousand participants was held with great success on the weekend of 29-30 June at the University of Cyprus.

The Robotex Pancyprian Robotics Competition was organized for the third consecutive year by the Cyprus Computer Society, co-organized by the University of Cyprus and the Youth Organization. Robotex Cyprus was approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Digital Champion, supported by Cyta as a Strategic Partner, Bank of Cyprus as a Youth Supporter, and the University of Nicosia as Educational Innovation Leader.

1025 competitors, students of all ages and adults participated in innovative challenges such as the rally, the robot duel known as Sumo and the robot exit of a maze. The two-day Robotex festival has visited by thousands of people who were informed about the robotic technology opportunities. In addition to the impressive robotic battles, the audience watched drones demonstrations and visited the robotic constructions’ exhibitions where they had the opportunity to chat with the humanoid robots NAO and Nicky.








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