ROBOTEX CYPRUS Organizing Committee held an urgent meeting and reviewed the situation as it has been evolved in relation to the pandemic in relation to:

  • The discourse of the President of the Republic of Cyprus and the interview of the Minister of Health on Wednesday, November 4, 2020.
  • The Committees's firm position as stated in the announcements that the ROBOTEX ROADSHOW event will take place "as epidemiological conditions will allow and state decrees will make it practically possible".
  • The Committee considers that the recent negative developments with the dramatic increase of cases and the new measures announced by the President of the Republic do not make it possible to organize the activities of ROBOTEX ROADSHOW that we had planned for the period November 15 - December 6, 2020.


  • Taking very seriously the appeal of the President of the Republic of Cyprus in his speech and
  • with a high sense of responsibility towards society as a whole and especially towards our fellow robotics trainers, robot enthusiasts of all ages who registered and prepared to participate in ROBOTEX ROADSHOW and their parents

the Organizing Committee unanimously decided that all ROBOTEX ROADSHOW 2020 activities should be cancelled.

Since the beginning of the summer, when the first wave of the pandemic had "subsided" and in constant communication with the robotics coaches, the Robotex Cyprus team had worked intensively to adapt the event for the benefit of the young trainees.

Even at the beginning of September, when the measures of the Ministry of Health allowed up to 50 people to participate in any gatherings (this is how the competitions are determined by the Ministry of Health), we had prepared a detailed program for the implementation of the competition by simulation. With the sole aim of safety and health of all participants, a relevant detailed protocol was also prepared and all the necessary preparations were made in collaboration with external partners.

We will soon announce online seminars for trainers and we invite you to suggest topics for which you want to organize training sessions.

We encourage all educators to continue, with patience and perseverance, the training in all the issues they deal with, meticulously taking all the measures and precautions decided by the Ministry of Health.

We warmly thank the President of the Republic of Cyprus who approved the event to be held under his auspices. We also thank the robotics coaches, the sponsors of the event for their generous contributions and our volunteers for the support and trust they have shown us all this time.

We hope that everything will go well and we will return to normal conditions soon so that we can be all part of a regular ROBOTEX event, since you have loved it and established it as the largest robotics event in Cyprus.

# stay_safe! #we will make it!

Published by the ROBOTEX CYPRUS Organizing Committee - Friday, 6 November 2020



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