The Cyprus Computer Society organizes the ROBOTEX Pancyprian Robotics Competition  based on the standards and regulations of the International Robotics Competition ROBOTEX Estonia.

With the University of Cyprus and the Youth Board of Cyprus as co-organizers, CYTA as Strategic Partner, and Bank of Cyprus as Youth Supporter, ROBOTEX CYPRUS18  will be  upgraded in terms of new challenges and competitions to be included in the programme and the number of teams and players that will participate. 

The competition aims to upgrade the field of educational robotics, the introduction of robotics technolgoy in the educational process at all levels and the enhancement of the scientific fields of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) and the promotion of new learning methods amongst students and educators. 

Attracting students in the fields of STEM, the development of tranversal skills of students, the interdisciplinary analysis and problem solving skills are primary objectives of the competition. The enhancement of communication, team and collaboration spirit amongst students and educators at all levels of the educational system are also promoted as opportunities for joint projects are offered.

Recognizing the importance of coding skills and their contribution in the opening of new career and employment horizons, competitors are offered with unique opportunities to challenge themselves in proving their unique talents while solving practical problems. 

Review the detailed announcement  (latest update 09 April 2018) and the flyer of the event.



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