Results - Semi Final

Results: LEGO Maze Solving
Semi Final Final (Best of the Best)

Primary 4th - 6th Grade - GROUP 1

OrderLevelIDTeam nameRobotTime1Time2SquaresBest time
4Primary 4th - 6th Grade447EDUC8 ROBOCUBROBOCUB DNF DNF- DNF
7Primary 4th - 6th Grade468EDUC8 ROBOFAWNROBOFAWN DNF DNF43 DNF
8Primary 4th - 6th Grade84LAOURIS 14MAZ3_S DNF DNF43 DNF
11Primary 4th - 6th Grade139LAOURIS 33M_Bot DNF DNF47 DNF
12Primary 4th - 6th Grade110LAOURIS 777Girls_Solution DNF DNF140 DNF

Gymnasium 1st - 3rd Grade - GROUP 2

OrderLevelIDTeam nameRobotTime1Time2SquaresBest time
4Gymnasium 1st - 3rd Grade60LAOURIS 20L25 DNF DNF- DNF
2Gymnasium 1st - 3rd Grade149LAOURIS 141CARSON2 DNF DNF- DNF
6Gymnasium 1st - 3rd Grade367EDUC8 ROBOWLSROBOWLS XI DNF DNF- DNF
5Gymnasium 1st - 3rd Grade46LAOURIS 7L79 DNF DNF51 DNF
1Gymnasium 1st - 3rd Grade29Laouris 113L124 DNF DNF145 DNF

Gymnasium 4th - 7th Grade - GROUP 3

OrderLevelIDTeam nameRobotTime1Time2SquaresBest time
2Gymnasium 4th - 7th Grade297SuckerPunchRookie Numbers DNF DNF- DNF
1Gymnasium 4th - 7th Grade19LAOURIS 5L110 DNF DNF8 DNF

Special (Soldiers & Adults) - GROUP 4

OrderLevelIDTeam nameRobotTime1Time2SquaresBest time
1Special (Soldiers & Adults)402EDUC8 EANTAS EANTAS VII DNF DNF- DNF
2Special (Soldiers & Adults)422EDUC8 EAS EAS VIII DNF DNF- DNF