Results - Semi Final

Results: LEGO Maze Solving
Semi Final Final (Best of the Best)

Primary 4th - 6th Grade - GROUP 1

OrderLevelIDTeam nameRobotTime1Time2SquaresBest time
6Primary 4th - 6th Grade60LAOURIS 7LAO7 DNF DNF39 DNF
1Primary 4th - 6th Grade117ROBOCURIOUSL147 DNF DNF5 DNF
2Primary 4th - 6th Grade189METRICS ROBOTL017 DNF DNF- DNF
3Primary 4th - 6th Grade109EXTREME TEAML22_2 DNF DNF- DNF
4Primary 4th - 6th Grade150NOESISL323 DNF DNF- DNF
5Primary 4th - 6th Grade72KICKERS TEAMLA50 DNF DNF- DNF
7Primary 4th - 6th Grade66LAOURIS 777L77 DNF DNF- DNF
8Primary 4th - 6th Grade99EXCELLENCEL8080 DNF DNF- DNF
9Primary 4th - 6th Grade337LEARNING ROBOTl3212 DNF DNF- DNF
10Primary 4th - 6th Grade186ROBOT MASTERSL90901 DNF DNF- DNF

Gymnasium 1st - 3rd Grade - GROUP 2

OrderLevelIDTeam nameRobotTime1Time2SquaresBest time
2Gymnasium 1st - 3rd Grade35KORIVOSL1111 DNF DNF49 DNF
3Gymnasium 1st - 3rd Grade7TOPKIDSL33 DNF DNF19 DNF
4Gymnasium 1st - 3rd Grade42SUPERIORITYLO13 DNF DNF17 DNF
1Gymnasium 1st - 3rd Grade402ROBOWLSRobowl6 DNF DNF10 DNF
5Gymnasium 1st - 3rd Grade177INTELLIGENT ROBOTL003 DNF DNF- DNF
6Gymnasium 1st - 3rd Grade168VIRTUALITYL6771 DNF DNF- DNF

Gymnasium 4th - 7th Grade - GROUP 3

OrderLevelIDTeam nameRobotTime1Time2SquaresBest time
1Gymnasium 4th - 7th Grade19LAOURIS 5LO155501.17.00001.17.000-01.17.000
2Gymnasium 4th - 7th Grade160WeRFriendsl15_09 DNF DNF- DNF