Results - Semi Final

Results: LEGO Enhanced Line Following
Semi Final Final (Best of the Best)

Primary 4th - 6th Grade - GROUP 1

OrderIDLevelTeam nameRobotTime1Time2CentimetersBest time
9115Primary 4th - 6th GradeROBOCURIOUSL142 DNF00.46.2013100.46.201
159Primary 4th - 6th GradeLAOURIS 7LO7700.48.270 DNF5700.48.270
6105Primary 4th - 6th GradeEXTREME TEAMl202201.04.202 DNF6401.04.202
287Primary 4th - 6th GradeLEARNING ROBOTl909001.13.456 DNF7201.13.456
11139Primary 4th - 6th GradeMETRICS ROBOTL17_ DNF DNF74 DNF
564Primary 4th - 6th GradeLAOURIS 777L__777 DNF DNF74 DNF
12148Primary 4th - 6th GradeNOESISL33_33 DNF DNF74 DNF
8233Primary 4th - 6th GradeThunder Drivers LabThunder Drivers Robot DNF DNF64 DNF
3379Primary 4th - 6th GradeLegendary MindsDigi bot DNF DNF61 DNF
497Primary 4th - 6th GradeEXCELLENCEl8_8_8 DNF DNF 0 DNF
7110Primary 4th - 6th GradeKICKERS TEAMl__2 DNF DNF 0 DNF
10136Primary 4th - 6th GradeROBOT MASTERSL9999 DNF DNF 0 DNF

Gymnasium 1st - 3rd Grade - GROUP 2

OrderIDLevelTeam nameRobotTime1Time2CentimetersBest time
332Gymnasium 1st - 3rd GradeKORIVOSL1111100.29.46000.35.676 0 00.29.460
444Gymnasium 1st - 3rd GradeSUPERIORITYL10200.33.10100.32.816 0 00.32.816
9175Gymnasium 1st - 3rd GradeINTELLIGENT ROBOTL3000.33.101 DNF7500.33.101
684Gymnasium 1st - 3rd GradeAUGMENTED REALITYL10__100.47.85900.48.964 0 00.47.859
8287Gymnasium 1st - 3rd GradeGC School Line follower F3 advancedGC School Line follower Advanced01.41.202 DNF 0 01.41.202
7166Gymnasium 1st - 3rd GradeVIRTUALITYL67 DNF DNF75 DNF
15Gymnasium 1st - 3rd GradeTOPKIDSLI11 DNF DNF74 DNF
5255Gymnasium 1st - 3rd GradeBleeb LabBleeb Robot DNF DNF61 DNF
2406Gymnasium 1st - 3rd GradeROBOWLSRobowl10 DNF DNF 0 DNF

Gymnasium 4th - 7th Grade - GROUP 3

OrderIDLevelTeam nameRobotTime1Time2CentimetersBest time
117Gymnasium 4th - 7th GradeLAOURIS 5LU353 DNF DNF72 DNF
2158Gymnasium 4th - 7th GradeWeRFriendsl5_0 DNF DNF72 DNF