Results - Semi Final

Results: Engino Enhanced Line Following
Semi Final Final (Best of the Best)

Primary 4th - 6th Grade - GROUP 1

OrderIDLevelTeam nameRobotTime1Time2CentimetersBest time
3101Primary 4th - 6th GradeLAOURIS 777Girls_ObstaclesEng DNF DNF60 DNF
185Primary 4th - 6th GradeLAOURIS 14L15 DNF DNF59 DNF
12241Primary 4th - 6th GradeLAOURIS 3ANASTASIS DNF DNF53 DNF
2453Primary 4th - 6th GradeEDUC8 ROBOCUBROBOCUB VI DNF DNF15 DNF
4123Primary 4th - 6th GradeLAOURIS 109Dim_Enh DNF DNF 0 DNF
5473Primary 4th - 6th GradeEDUC8 ROBOFAWNROBOFAWN V DNF DNF 0 DNF
6140Primary 4th - 6th GradeLAOURIS 33el33 DNF DNF 0 DNF
7157Primary 4th - 6th GradeLAOURIS 103EnhEngino DNF DNF 0 DNF

Gymnasium 1st - 3rd Grade - GROUP 2

OrderIDLevelTeam nameRobotTime1Time2CentimetersBest time
339Gymnasium 1st - 3rd GradeLAOURIS 7L7101.47.85201.45.945 0 01.45.945
135Gymnasium 1st - 3rd GradeLaouris 113L130 DNF DNF25 DNF
2356Gymnasium 1st - 3rd GradeEDUC8 ROBOWLSROBOWLS III DNF DNF 0 DNF

Gymnasium 4th - 7th Grade - GROUP 3

OrderIDLevelTeam nameRobotTime1Time2CentimetersBest time
110Gymnasium 4th - 7th GradeLAOURIS 5L101 DNF DNF60 DNF

Special (Soldiers & Adults) - GROUP 4

OrderIDLevelTeam nameRobotTime1Time2CentimetersBest time
1400Special (Soldiers & Adults)EDUC8 EANTAS EANTAS V DNF DNF59 DNF
2419Special (Soldiers & Adults)EDUC8 EAS EAS V DNF DNF 0 DNF