In Summary the Changes in the Regulations

In this year's Robotex Cyprus event new regulations are applied which are explained in detail in the main announcement of the event. In summary the regulations are:

  • Each team of an Organization is entitled to participate in up to six challenges. The challenges of the Educational Robotics and the Minoan Robotic Challenges (Archery, Shot Put, Rally and Drones) are excluded and are not counted in this regulation.
  • In each challenge, and for each age category each Organization can have up to two teams
  • There is a participation fee per team set at 50 euros
  • Each team taking part in a challenge should check-in using the QR Code they will receive from their coach
  • Each member of the team who partricipates in a challenge should check-in using a QR Code that they will get from their coach and by presenting their ID card so that they can download their certificate of participation aftet the event.