Results - Semi Final

Results: Edison Line Following
Semi Final Final (Best of the Best)

Primary 4th - 6th Grade - GROUP 1

OrderIDLevel ↑Team nameRobotTime1Time2CentimetersBest time
3274Primary 4th - 6th GradedpRobots ProsDPR ELF000101.31.60001.32.484 0 01.31.600
10134Primary 4th - 6th GradeLAOURIS 33Ed_Robot01.41.34601.54.5641101.41.346
15178Primary 4th - 6th GradeLAOURIS 104PafosEdison DNF DNF15 DNF
13160Primary 4th - 6th GradeLAOURIS 102TileEdison DNF DNF15 DNF
17200Primary 4th - 6th GradeLAOURIS 107StrongEdy DNF DNF15 DNF
164Primary 4th - 6th GradeLAOURIS 3L30 DNF DNF11 DNF
269Primary 4th - 6th GradeLAOURIS 105L1005 DNF DNF11 DNF
479Primary 4th - 6th GradeLAOURIS 14L144 DNF DNF11 DNF
5100Primary 4th - 6th GradeLAOURIS 777Girls_EdPy DNF DNF11 DNF
7118Primary 4th - 6th GradeLAOURIS 109ED_BOT DNF DNF11 DNF
11151Primary 4th - 6th GradeLAOURIS 103Ed_Fast DNF DNF11 DNF
16186Primary 4th - 6th GradeLAOURIS 108Smart_Edy DNF DNF11 DNF
12452Primary 4th - 6th GradeEDUC8 ROBOCUBROBOCUB V DNF DNF4 DNF
8125Primary 4th - 6th GradeLAOURIS 106ED_NIKOL DNF DNF 0 DNF
9472Primary 4th - 6th GradeEDUC8 ROBOFAWNROBOFAWN IV DNF DNF 0 DNF

Gymnasium 1st - 3rd Grade - GROUP 2

OrderIDLevel ↑Team nameRobotTime1Time2CentimetersBest time
5355Gymnasium 1st - 3rd GradeEDUC8 ROBOWLSROBOWLS II01.37.36801.17.9601501.17.960
125Gymnasium 1st - 3rd GradeLaouris 113L120 DNF DNF15 DNF
6142Gymnasium 1st - 3rd GradeLAOURIS 141Ed_Bot34 DNF DNF15 DNF
338Gymnasium 1st - 3rd GradeLAOURIS 7L70 DNF DNF11 DNF
455Gymnasium 1st - 3rd GradeLAOURIS 20L20 DNF DNF11 DNF

Gymnasium 4th - 7th Grade - GROUP 3

OrderIDLevel ↑Team nameRobotTime1Time2CentimetersBest time
19Gymnasium 4th - 7th GradeLAOURIS 5L10001.28.928 DNF1501.28.928

Special (Soldiers & Adults) - GROUP 4

OrderIDLevel ↑Team nameRobotTime1Time2CentimetersBest time
2418Special (Soldiers & Adults)EDUC8 EAS EAS IV01.11.312 DNF301.11.312
1401Special (Soldiers & Adults)EDUC8 EANTAS EANTAS VI DNF DNF5 DNF